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The Complex was established in the year 2007. It is a complex on the outskirts of the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Some would say it was a factory, because that is what it looked like from the outside, little did the outside world know; the facility didn’t just soar up to the sky, it was underground as well.

Here’s the story. On New Years Day 2007, a virus was spread across the United States and Canada. Soon spreading over to Western Europe. Infecting mainly Britain, Scotland and Ireland overseas. This virus wasn’t deadly, but it made people delirious into thinking they had super powers. This virus widely infected most famous celebrities and some pedestrians. No one knows as to why the infection chose to highlight just them, but it did. Some people claimed to believe that they turned into, “X-Men”, but that wasn’t the case. Although some people could read minds, levitate and do a lot of other astonishing abilities, some of the infected were reduced to only 40 or 50 years of life. Others remarkably gained immortality and an extra 100 years to their life-span.

The first that was exposed to this virus was that of bands and movie actors. Not a lot of females were infected, but the majority of females who were infected grew wings and their hormones seemed to expand incredibly. A lot of the males were infected with this, ‘angelic’ virus as well.

Inside this facility is a wide range of rooms, each inmate has two room mates to accompany them. The founder of the place said that he wanted them to be as comfortable as possible in this building, and that the employees would likely get fired if they had harassed any single one of them. The founder, Calabius Straiton was one of the infected ones as well. Most would call him the ‘Xavier’ of the real world. He could persuade anyone to do anything he wished and was also a big dreamer on finding a cure to this ‘disease’. Although he couldn’t read minds and see people’s location, he could see into their eyes and see their intentions. Mr. Straiton is hardly ever in the building.
There is one large cafeteria on the bottom level of the building. Each room has their own private bathroom with a shower and three separate beds and three desks. There is also a chapel on the middle level of the building where inmates can focus on their beliefs. Though they are never allowed to leave the facility, they are allowed family members and old friends to come visit them once every two weeks in a room where their powers are defected.

Each II (Infected Inmate) is assigned an FIA (Facility Inmate Assistant) to help them out. The specific FIA works through a number of inmates so that they are each comfortable in the building. He/she is responsible for arranging meetings for the family members and friends, among other things. Think of them as your friend. Talk to them.
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