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23 April 2007 @ 02:03 am
IC Guidelines / Levels  
Obeying is what you'll do
01. You must obey your assigned FIA.
02. You must stay in the building at all times.
03. You have a choice to eat your meals. Snacks are provided in the middle of meals.
04. You are allowed to wander around the facility, just don’t go in the restricted sections; the locked rooms.
05. You are encouraged to meet new people and make friends.
06. You are allowed to experiment your powers, do not abuse that privilege or you will be quarantined.
07. Do not fight when you are being taken into lab.

Level 1 - Your character is inexperienced in their powers, and must be cautious not to hurt people around them.
Level 2 - Your character's power is increased slightly, and they are able to keep from harming people.
Level 3 - They are able to use their powers with adequate control.
Level 4 - Their powers are almost mastered, but are still flawed.
Level 5 - Completely in control of their powers.
Level 6 - Developes a new conscience that tries to control their body and abilities. (Rarely happens)